Apply to IIT Mandi for Graduate Education | Deadline : 10th November 2021 by 5 pm (IST)

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi is looking for prospective Master's and Ph.D. students in different areas for the upcoming February, 2022 semester admissions. Please refer to the brochure for brief details about IIT Mandi and handbook for admission & Eligibility Criteria etc. please find below a link to the expression of interest (EoI) form, which you need to fill before 5 pm IST on (10th Nov. 2021).

Expression of Interest (EoI) form (please fill ASAP and before 5 pm IST on 10th November 2021):

Note: Admission for MA/M. Tech/MSc/i-Ph.D. programmes takes place only in August, hence they cannot apply now. The information about these programmes is only being shared for reference.

The deadlines are coming up for admission to the PhD/MS programmes as intake for those is from February 2022 as well as August 2022 semesters.

IIT Mandi_India_Overview Brochure:

IIT Mandi_India_Handbook for Potential International Students:

Webpage for more information relevant to international students:

Please note that international students' fees will be the same as that of Indian students.

For more information, please visit the IIT Mandi website: