Global Affairs Canada ) 

(This document has been prepared from the source and information as collected from the official website of the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada).

Since its modest foundation in 1909, DFATD has been successful in making its global presence felt and creating its evolving role in the global community with 168 missions in one hundred and nine (109) countries, including nine (9) missions to multilateral organisations and thirteen (13) regional offices across Canada. As an important part of the Federal Government, DFATD has been successful in its basic objective of safeguarding and promoting Canada’s interests throughout the world. DFATD manages Canada's political, economic and cultural relations with other nations through bilateral linkages and through membership in international organisations, including the United Nations, World Trade organisation, the G8, the Commonwealth, la Francophonie, the organisation of American States and the North Atlantic Treaty organisation. DFATD has the basic mandate of ensuring that Canada's foreign policy reflects true Canadian values and advances Canada's national interests; strengthening rules-based trading arrangements and to expand free and fair market access at bilateral, regional and global levels; and working with a range of partners inside and outside government to achieve increased economic opportunity and enhanced security for Canada and for Canadians at home and abroad. The core priority areas for DFATD has been international peace and security, trade and investment, the rule of international law, and human rights along with politics, commerce, societal concerns, environment, disarmament, peace brokering etc. 

DFATD is one of the key funders of Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute. In many of its platforms the Institute has acknowledged the constant and indispensable support and co-operation exhibited by DFATD to the Institute. DFATD provides financial support to many of the programmes administered by the Institute.