Programme is currently closed for this year.

The Shastri Indo Canadian Institute (SICI) is pleased to announce a Call for Applications for Shastri Student Internship Project (SSIP) 2018-19. Both undergraduate and graduate (Master’s, MPhil) students from SICI’s Canadian and Indian Member Universities/Institutions in good standing are eligible to apply for this 3 months SSIP internship placement in SICI’s Indian and Canadian Member Universities/Institutions.

SSIP will provide participating students with opportunities for a transformative cultural and educational experience in a foreign country. The SSIP training and exposure in international setting will benefit advancing students’ knowledge, adequacy, adaptability, multicultural understanding, networking and friendships at professional and personal levels.

The selected SSIP interns will receive opportunities to pursue their study/research/training in all domains of studies, such as: STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), Humanities, Social Sciences, Management, Arts, Commerce and Business Studies. However, applications are also encouraged for studying/researching in the focus areas of SICI, the Canadian and the Indian Governments, such as: UN’s Sustainable Development Goals towards Empowering the Poorest and most Vulnerable, Gender Equality, Empowerment of Women and Girl, Indigenous Peoples supports, Good Health and Wellbeing, Quality Education, Affordable and Clean Energy, Clean Growth and Climate Change, Water and Sanitation, Sustainable Cities and Communities as well as other important areas, i.e., Bi-lateral Trade and Investment, Energy and Environmental Sciences, Securing Future of Children and Youth, Higher Education,  Agricultural Science & Technology, Teacher Education and Training, Health Sciences, Nursing, Marine Sciences and Ocean Studies. Please note that for purposes of all SICI granting programs, ‘research’ shall be deemed to include creative activity conducted within the structures and programs of a member institution.

Key objectives of SSIP are:

  • Encouraging international mobility of Canadian and Indian students;
  • Enriching multi-cultural understanding, networking, confidence and overall exposure of Canadian and Indian students;
  • Providing Canadian and Indian students with firsthand experience of living-studying in India and Canada;
  • Enhancing knowledge and research capacities of Canadian and Indian students.

Please note:

  • All SSIP applicants require affiliation with SICI’s member universities/institutions in India and Canada. Please visit: for a complete list of SICI’s Canadian and Indian member institutions;
  • To secure an affiliation/letter of invitation, the potential applicants are encouraged to visit the above link and accordingly make contact with their intended universities/institutions;
  • All SSIP applicants must submit a budget as per the SICI format provided in the application form. The budget should reflect the differences in the cost of living in Canada and India and the proposed duration of their visit;
  • An individual who was awarded a Shastri Student Internship in a previous competition will not be eligible to apply for this SSIP grant.


Up to CAD$ 4,500/per SSIP project.

Number of Grants:

10 grants (5 grant for undergraduate and 5 for graduate students).

Note: normally, 5 of the grants will be awarded to applicants from Canada and 5 to applicants from India.

Internship Duration:

3 months.

SSIP Timeframe: January 2019 to April 2020.

Note: Actual SSIP placement in India and Canada is for 3 months. However, the full SSIP project cycle (i.e., signing of agreement, internship placement and final reporting) requires to be completing within 16 months, starting from 1st January 2019 to 30th April 2020.


  • The SSIP applicants from Canada should be citizens/permanent residents of Canada and currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at Canadian Universities of SICI’s Canadian Member Council;
  • The SSIP applicants from India should be citizens/permanent residents of India and currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at Indian Universities of SICI’s Indian Members Council;
  • The Canadian SSIP applicants should not have another degree from an Indian university or be enrolled in an Indian degree program;
  • The Indian SSIP applicants should not have another degree from a Canadian university or be enrolled in a Canadian degree program;
  • The SSIP applicants must receive a letter of invitation/affiliation from their intended host universities/institutions in India and Canada, which must hold a membership in SICI’s Indian and Canadian Members Councils;
  • For undergraduate students, preference will be given for proposals that included taking courses for credit at their host institutions in India and Canada;
  • The SSIP applicants must have proficiency in English language. However, for Canadian applicants, knowledge of any Indian language will be an added advantage.

Evaluation Criteria

A four-member bi-national adjudicating committee will review all SSIP applications and select the successful awardees based upon the following marking system:

  1. Relevance between applicant’s academic background-interest and proposed field of study for internship (10 points). For undergraduate students, preference will be given to proposals that include taking courses for credit at the host institutions;
  2. Assessment of applicant’s capability based on list of academic and extracurricular activities (10 points);
  3. Perceived usefulness of the internship to enhance capacity, knowledge and learning of the applicant (10 points);
  4. Demonstration of willingness to live, respect and adjust in a different culture and country, and to interact/study/research with local institutions/communities in India and Canada (5 points).

Application Requirements

  • A complete application form including a detailed budget.  Incomplete applications will not be entertained;
  • Copy of official transcripts;
  • Proof of Canadian and Indian citizenship or permanent resident status (copy of passport, birth certificate or permanent residency card);
  • Two letters of reference from academic instructors/supervisors;
  • A Letter of Affiliation/Invitation from applicant’s intended host institution; the host institution must hold current membership in SICI’s Indian and/or Canadian Member Councils.

Application Deadline

January 15 ,  2019

How to apply : 

Email your complete electronic application form to with the subject line- “Shastri Student Internship Project (SSIP) 2018-19"

on or before 15 January 2019 by 11:00pm (MST). We request the applicants not to wait until the last moment

Application Form:

SSIP Application form

Report Form:

SSIP Final report forms


For more information or queries, please email to:

Mahmuda Aldeen
Program and Member Relations Officer