Shastri Student Research in India Fellowships(SSRIF)

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) is pleased to announce a call for applications for Shastri Student Research in India Fellowships (SSRIF). The desired SSRIF applicants are Canadian students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate degree programs, primarily in SICI's Canadian Member universities. SSRIF recipients will commence a 12-week research project in India under the supervision of Indian faculty members in their host Indian institutions in subject areas that they desire/require research experience.

The SSRIF Project is part of SICI's Canadian Scholars to India (CSI) Program, funded by Global Affairs Canada, the Government of Canada. The CSI Program aims to improve and diversify Canadian scholars' short-term academic mobility to India.

The SSRIF Project will provide a transformative educational experience, enhancing Canadian students' global knowledge and international research capabilities. Canadian students will get exposure to international and interdisciplinary research practices involving Indian universities under the supervision of Indian faculty members. The experience will enrich their multicultural understanding, confidence and networking capacities. The newly built ties will benefit the individual students and the institutions with which they will interact and work for twelve weeks in India.

The SSRIF training and exposure will broaden the student's understanding of research techniques, principles, and interdisciplinary approaches and thus will expand their scholarly horizons. Such an experience will also provide invaluable insights into the nature of the bi-national academic community, often resulting in lifetime networks with bi-national professionals.

The research proposals may include all domains of studies, such as Social Sciences and Humanities, Arts, Commerce and Management and STEM. Please note the topic and content of the research proposal should focus on essential subject matters concerning India or Canada.


  • The SSRIF applicants must be citizens/permanent residents of Canada, enrolled/studying for an undergraduate or graduate degree in a Canadian University (public).
  • The applicant must not have another degree from an Indian University or should not be enrolled for another degree/diploma in an Indian institution simultaneously.
  • Canadian students who have already been to India for studies/training/specialization on other scholarships are eligible to apply only after a gap of two years as on the 'date' after returning from the county of fellowship.
  • SICI wants the applicants to be from SICI's Canadian Members Council Universities. Please connect here to view SICI's Canadian Member Universities: SICI Canadian-Member-Institutions.
  • While the applicants from SICI's Canadian Member Universities will receive a selection preference, eligible students from other public Canadian universities may also apply for this fellowship opportunity.
  • The SSRIF applicants must have proficiency in the English language.

SICI's Wraparound Support

SICI will provide the following wraparound support and facilitation to the SSRIF students:

Beginning of the SSRIF Journey

  • Make arrangements to place students under suitable faculty members/supervisors in SICI's Indian Universities.
  • Connect each student with their respective Indian supervisors in host Indian Universities. 
  • Help students to obtain appropriate Indian visas, organize international travel, accommodation in India, etc. 
  • Arrange initial orientation meetings (online).
  • Arrange on-arrival orientations in Indian host institutions.

Mentoring and Supervision in India

  • Mentoring is essential for making such India-bound student mobility experiences successful. Experience tells us that Canadian students living and working in a different country, culture and environment like India can become slightly overwhelmed, especially at the beginning. The students will receive the necessary mentoring and supervision throughout their placement in India from SICI offices and the host institutions.

Debriefing and Public Engagement

  • Upon completing the SSRIF Project and returning to Canada, SICI will arrange a virtual debriefing session with all SSRIF students.
  • The SSRIF students will participate in SICI's regional events. SICI will invite the SSRIF students (region-wise) for such engagements. This opportunity will allow them to share their international experience with wider communities, students and scholars in Canada.  

Code of Ethics

Value of SSRIF Project Grant

  • Up to CAD$ 7,000/per SSRIF Project Grant.
  • The grant value will cover the cost of an appropriate Indian visa, vaccination, health insurance, air travel (international), domestic travel in India, accommodation in India, communications, registration and any other mandatory fees in Indian Host Institutions (if required), and a stipend.

Number of SSRIF Grants

  • Fifteen (15)
  • Up to 50% (at least 7) SSRIF grants will be given to financially challenged and Indigenous students.

SSRIF Timeframe and Placement Duration in India

Research Timeframe: November 2023 to April 2024

Duration:  12 weeks

Disbursement of Funds:

SICI will release the stipend in two installments as below:

  1. The 1st Installment, which is 75% of the stipend money, will be disbursed upon signing the letter of agreement between SICI and the recipient's Institution.
  2. SICI will release the remaining 25% of the stipend upon receipt and approval of the final report submitted by the recipients.

Application Requirements

A complete application package should be a single pdf file with the following documents in sequential order:

  1. A completed SSRIF Application Form.
  2. A 'No Objection Certificate' is to be obtained from the student's Institution and submitted along with the application. A template of the NOC is available at the bottom of this announcement.
  3. Curriculum Vitae of the Applicant
  4. Copies of official transcripts (most recent two years).
  5. Two letters of reference from the academic instructors/supervisors in favour of the applicant's candidature for the award.
  6. Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status (copy of passport, birth certificate or permanent residency card).
  7. Certificate of Ethical Approval (if applicable).

Evaluation Criteria

A four-member bi-national adjudicating committee will review all SSRIF applications and select the successful awardees based on the following marking system:

  1. A well-written research proposal focusing on essential topics/issues relevant to the priority of Canada or India (10 points).
  2. Relevance between the applicant's academic background, research interest and the proposed field of research in India (10 points). 
  3. Assessment of the applicant's qualifications based on the list of academic and extracurricular activities (10 points).
  4. Perceived usefulness of the research fellowship to enhance the applicant's knowledge, research capacity and learning (10 points).
  5. Demonstration of willingness to live, respect for and adjust in a different culture and county, viz India (10 points).

Important Notes:

  • All fellowships will be subject to receipt of funds from Global Affairs Canada. 
  • SICI reserves the right to change the fellowship amount and the number of awards.
  • Plagiarism will lead to disqualification. 
  • Incomplete applications will not be adjudicated.

Application Deadline: September 30, 2023

How to apply : 

  • Email your complete application form to with the subject line- "SSRIF Project 2023-24" by September 30, 2023 (MST).

Application FormForm 

No Objection Certificate (template) : Form

Report Form: Form 

For any further clarification/information/queries, please email:

Mahmuda Aldeen
SICI Canada Office
# 1418 Education Tower
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary AB T2N 1N4