Programme is now closed for the year 2022-23

Brief Description

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) is pleased to announce a Call for Applications for Shastri Student Internship in India (SSII) Project. The SSII Project is part of SICI Canada's Short-term Outbound Mobility Program, Canadian Scholars to India (CSI). The CSI Program is supported by Global Affairs Canada, and the Government of Canada. The target of the CSI Program is to improve and diversify Canadian scholars' (student and faculty) academic mobility to India.

The SSII grant recipients are predominantly Canadian undergraduate and graduate students from Canadian Universities. The SSII project grants offer fourteen weeks (3.5 months) Hybrid Internship and Co-op opportunities (International Work Integrated Learning) to Canadian undergraduate-level students in India. This Hybrid Internship opportunity is divided into two phases, a) In-person and b) Virtual. In the first phase, the selected interns will be going to India for two months (8 weeks) to work on specific projects in their host Indian organizations. Upon returning to Canada, the students will continue to another six weeks of virtual Internship. During these fourteen weeks (3.5 months) of blended Internship, the SSII students will be working under the supervision of designated supervisors/coordinators at their respective host Indian organizations.   


SSII Objectives

The SSII project-grants aim to strengthen the global talent of Canadian post-secondary (undergrad level) students by offering short-term international work opportunities in India, a vibrant South Asian country. The abode and work experience in India will support increasing global competencies, intercultural and interpersonal skills, and the growth of our Canadian students' ideas and innovation. More precisely, the SSII objectives are as below:

  • Encouraging international mobility of Canadian students;
  • Providing Canadian students with firsthand experience of living and working in India;
  • Enhancing global knowledge and work capabilities of Canadian students;
  • Enriching the multicultural understanding, networking, confidence and overall exposure of Canadian students;

A Transformative Experience awaits the Undergrad Canadians

The SSII project-grants will offer young Canadians a life-changing living and working experience in India. After completing a fourteen-week (Hybrid) internship in India under the supportive supervision of SICI and Indian host institutions, the SSII graduates will return with new confidence and endurance skills. These newly gained abilities will make them brave and positively impact their mindset to view life, career, and the world with a broadened perspective and renewed awareness. This international experience will also help develop their multicultural competencies and global networks at an early age, which will multiply with various attributes and soft skills in the future to prepare them adequately for tomorrow's diverse workforce.

Wraparound Support

SICI will provide wraparound support and facilitation to the SSII recipients, as outlined below:

Beginning of the Internship

  • E-introduce all the Interns via Zoom meeting.
  • Arrange for visa and other logistical support (international air travel,  accommodation)
  • In-person pre-departure orientation in Ottawa
  • Escort the student cohort to India
  • In-person on-arrival orientation in New Delhi

Mentoring and Supervision Support

  • Mentoring plays an essential role in making the Internship successful. Our experience tells us that Canadian students living and working in a different country, culture and environment like India can become slightly overwhelmed, especially at the beginning. The students will receive necessary mentoring and supervision throughout their placement in India from SICI's Canada and India offices as well as the Host Institutions.

Monitoring and Mid-term Evaluation

  • The Host Institutions will provide necessary monitoring support. SICI will evaluate the student's progress in the middle point of their placement.


  • The interns will bring out a monthly Newsletter during their 3-month stay in India. The Newsletters will capture their lifestyle, learning and experience in India. SICI will circulate these newsletters to the scholars' communities in Canada and India, including the interns' home institutions and communities. 

End of Internship

  • Upon completing the three-month Internship and arriving in Canada, SICI will arrange a virtual debriefing session with all Interns.

Public Engagement

  • SICI will invite the graduate interns (region-wise) to participate in SICI's regional events. This opportunity will allow the interns to share their international experience with wider communities, students and scholars.  

Code of Ethics

Value of SSII Project Grant

  • Up to CAD$ 7,000/per SSII Project Grant.
  • The grant value includes the cost of air travel (international and local), ground transportation, rent, visa, vaccination, health insurance, communications and stipend.

Number of SSII Project Grants

  • Fifteen (15)
  • 50% (at least 7) SSII Project Grants are preserved for financially challenged and Indigenous students.

Internship Placement

  • Two months (8 weeks)                       – In-person
  • One and a half months (6 weeks)       – Virtual

SSII Placement Timeframe

  • May and June 2023 (In person)
  • July-August 2023 (Virtual)

Position Vacancies in Host Institutions in India

A list of Indian Host Institutions, including available work projects, is given in the table below. The students are requested to pick their preferred projects from this list. Please note SICI will place a minimum of two students in one project. SICI reserves the right to make necessary adjustments/changes in the final allocation of Projects to selected students.


Name of Organization

Business Type

      Study Domains

Project Title, Theme, Discipline and Position Details

Genrobotics Innovations Private Limited

Research, development & manufacturing of Robotic Technologies
(For Profit company)

-Engineering (mechanical, mechatronics, electrical and electronics, robotics, software)

-Business and Marketing.

Robotising Sanitation Sector
Discipline: Science and Technology
Thematic Area: Robotics
Position Details:

Probus Smart Thing Private Limited

IoT Products and Services, Energy Sector- Last mile power distribution segment
(For Profit company)

-Any fields of study

-Knowledge and experience in market research, content development, blog writing, etc. 

Market Research and Business Development Strategy
Discipline: Marketing and Sales
Thematic area: Market Research
Position Details:

ESAF Small Finance Bank


Scheduled Bank under the license of the Reserve Bank of India
(For Profit company)

Finance, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Banking, Development Studies, Environment, Climate Change, etc.

Understanding the Sustainable Initiatives of ESAF Bank
Discipline: Social Banking
Thematic area: Sustainable Development
Position Details:

Evangelical Social Action Forum


A not-for-profit organization engaged in Social Development

Sociology, Social Work, Education, Engineering, Agriculture, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Community Development.

Four Components:

a)Livelihoods: Study the impacts of micro-entrepreneurship acceleration program and its effects on rural livelihood;
b)Agriculture: Study the role of Farmer Producer companies to farmers to improve production and productivity;
c)Waste Management: Study the value impacts of a weed (Water Hyacinth) on the livelihood of tribal women.
d)Education: Study the role of community schools in shaping the future of tribal children
Discipline: Community Development
Thematic area: Livelihood, Agriculture, Waste Management, Education
Position Details:

M S Swaminathan Research Foundation



A not-for-profit organization engaged in Research and Development-

Science and Social Science

Participatory conservation and management of mangrove wetlands in India
Discipline: Coastal Systems Research, Biotechnology & Biodiversity
Thematic area: Natural Resources Conservation
Position Details:

Law Qube Technologies Pvt. Ltd



Engage in software development in the cloud for the judicial ecosystem

(For Profit company)

Computer Sciences, Law, Information Technology and Business Administration

Quort for Judiciary Automation
Discipline: Interdisciplinary
Thematic Area: Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Livelihood Development.
Position Details:


  • The SSII applicants should be citizens/permanent residents of Canada and currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at a Canadian University (public). Preference will be given to the students from SICI's Canadian Member Universities. Click here to view SICI's Canadian Member Universities: SICI Canadian-Member-Institutions
  • The SSII applicants must not have another degree from an Indian University or be enrolled in an Indian degree program;
  • An individual awarded a SICI Student Internship in a previous competition will not be eligible to apply for this SSII Project Grant.
  • The SSII applicants must have proficiency in the English language

Essential Points for Applicant Students and Canadian Universities

Student Applicants

  • Preference will be given to applications that receive study credits for Work-Integrated Learning at their Home Institutions. SICI strongly advises the applicants to consult appropriate authorities at their home institutions to contact Mahmuda Aldeen ( to initiate the necessary recognition process of these Internships as Work-Integrated Learning projects.  
  • Students from financially challenged and Indigenous backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 50% of the grants are set aside for these students.
  • All SSII applicants must submit a budget per the SICI format provided in the application form.

Canadian Member Universities

  • Departments or faculty members having accessible/spare funds and wishing to cater to their students for this International Co-op/Work-Integrated Learning opportunity are advised to contact SICI (Mahmuda for necessary information and arrangements. SICI will be delighted to incorporate some additional students with the SSII cohort.

Application Requirements

  • A complete application form, including a detailed budget and required documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • All files submitted must be of .pdf file extension (word, jpeg/jpg etc., are not allowed).
  • Copy of official transcripts (most recent two years).
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status (copy of passport, birth certificate or permanent residency card).
  • Two letters of reference from the academic instructors/supervisors.

Evaluation Criteria

A four-member bi-national adjudicating committee will review all SSII applications and select the successful awardees based on the following marking system:

  1. Relevance between the applicant's academic background-interest and the proposed field of study for the Internship (10 points). 
  2. Assessment of applicant's capability based on the list of academic and extracurricular activities (10 points);
  3. Perceived usefulness of the Internship to enhance capacity, knowledge and learning of the applicant (10 points);
  4. Demonstration of willingness to live, respect for and adjust in a different culture and county, viz India (10 points).

Application DeadlineOpen until further notice(CLOSED) 

How to apply : 

  • Email your complete electronic application form to with the subject line- "SSII Project 2022-23" .

Application Form:  Form 

Report Form: Form 

For any further clarification/information/queries, please email:
Mahmuda Aldeen
Program and Member Relations Officer
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
# 1418 Education Tower
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary AB T2N 1N4
Phone: (403) 220-3220