Shastri Faculty Collaboration and Internationalization Project 2023-24 (SFCI)

Programme is now closed for the year 2023-24      (Click Here for Result)

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute is pleased to announce a Call for Applications from the faculty members/ academics of SICI's Canadian Member Institutions for Shastri Faculty Collaboration and Internationalization (SFCI) Project Grants.

The SFCI Project is part of SICI’s Canadian Scholars to India (CSI) Program, funded by Global Affairs Canada, the Government of Canada.  The CSI Program goal is to improve and diversify Canadian scholars' short-term academic mobility to India.

SFCI Project Objectives

The SFCI Project aims to create, strengthen, and diversify ways for long-term collaborations and internationalization dimensions in Canadian and Indian universities. The interventions would extend opportunities to make India a leading destination for institutional partnerships and networks, scholarly exchanges, research collaborations, curriculum internationalization, joint degree programs, and study abroad programs for Canadian faculty members and students. The execution of SFCI project activities will enhance the capacity, excellence, intercultural understanding, and global engagement of participating faculty members, students and institutions.

Grant Value:             CAD$ 5,000/project

Number of Grants:    12 (twelve)                                   

Duration of Visit:       2 (two) weeks

Eligible Timeframe:   September 10, 2023 to February 29, 2024.    

Code of Ethics

Applicants are advised to follow the 'Policy on Academic Integrity and Code of Ethics (PAICE)' governing the programs administered by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.     

SICI's Commitment to Indigenous Communities

SICI is keen to promote the participation of Canadian scholars from the Indigenous communities in its international mobility and partnership-building opportunity programs. Up to six SFCI project grants will be awarded to faculty members from Indigenous backgrounds in that effort.                                                                                  

Eligible Applicants and Host Counterparts

Eligible Project Activities

The SFCI grant recipients (Canadian faculty members) will be affiliated as visiting faculty in the host universities in India for two weeks and will undertake one or more of the following activities.

  1. Develop new programs-courses, curriculums, teaching modules, etc. or review such materials for integration, upgradation and internationalization of courses in the academic programs of host institutions.
  2. Teach courses individually or jointly with Indian counterpart/s in host institutions to provide a platform for knowledge exchange, professional development, and the adoption of innovative teaching practices, reflective practices, cross-cultural understanding, etc.
  3. Offer a series of lectures, workshops, training sessions and seminars on teaching-learning pedagogy as part of a course being offered at the host institution. 
  4. Lay groundwork for developing long-term teaching partnerships/MoUs, preferably involving future faculty and student exchange programs, research collaborations, study abroad programs between the partnering institutions.

Eligible Disciplines

All disciplines of study supported by SICI’s Member Universities, ranging from Social Sciences and Humanities to STEM (sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics), Business, Management, etc., are eligible for seeking SFCI Project grants.

Acceptable Expenses

a) Round Trip International Travel to/from India-Canada (economy class)

b) Local Travel (within India or in Canada);

c) Visa costs;

d) Vaccination costs;

e. Health Insurance;

f  Accommodation and meals;

g) Communications (audio, video conferencing, promotional materials);

h) Miscellaneous costs.

Application Requirements (Complete Application Package)

A Complete Application Package must be a single pdf file containing the following documents in sequential order.

  • SFCI Application form (duly filled in).
  • Pages containing the information sought in the application form (Section 12 - b, c, d, and e)
  • Two Letters of Reference (for the applicant)
  • Letter of invitation (from host institution/Counterpart)
  • Need Assessment Form (filled in by the host institution)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant (not more than 3 pages). All additional pages after the 3rd page will be removed.
  • List of Publications of the Canadian faculty (applicant)
  • Curriculum Vitae of the Indian faculty (counterpart) in host institution (not more than 3 pages). All additional pages after the 3rd page will be removed.
  • List of Publications of the Indian faculty (counterpart)
  • Copy of a valid Passport/PR Card
  • Certificate of Ethical Approval (if applicable)

Evaluation Criteria

  1. Description of the project initiative, including the objectives, expected scholarly inputs/outputs, intended contributions and the format (5 points)
  2. Details of professional backgrounds and contributions of faculty members (Canadian and Indian) and demonstration of successful outputs in international collaboration and internationalization efforts (5 points)
  3. Faculty members' teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate level in an international context (for example, teaching international students).(5 points)
  4. The soundness of the project about knowledge transfer, capacity building, intercultural understanding and global engagement of the faculty members and students in the host institution.(10 points)
  5. Potential contribution to the internationalization of program, content, course, curriculum, teaching methodology, and pedagogy in the host institution.(10 points)
  6. Likely contribution to establishing long-term collaborations/MoU and promoting future faculty and student mobility and exchange between the home and host institutions.(10 points)

Disbursement of Funds

  • SICI will release 75% of the grant to the Applicant's Institution upon signing the Letter of Agreement (LoA).
  • The remaining 25% grant will be released upon receipt and approval of the final SFCI Project report by SICI.

Application Deadline: August 31, 2023 (11:00 pm MST)

Guidelines and Important Notes

  1. Late and Incomplete applications will be disqualified.
  2. The receipt of SFCI Project award is subject to the CMC and IMC Institutions being a SICI member in good standing with fully paid-up membership fee for the current year (2023-24).
  3. Institutions may receive only one SFCI award.
  4. All SFCI Project grants will be subject to receipt of funds from GAC, Govt. of Canada. 
  5. SICI reserves the right to change the SFCI amount and number of awards.
  6. Plagiarism will lead to disqualification. 
  7. Canvassing in any form will result in disqualification.
  8. The decision of Adjudicators concerning awards will be considered the final decision.
  9. Names of the successful applicants will be uploaded on the SICI website homepage (
  10. SICI Office will email the successful candidates with the results and onward steps.

How to apply 

Email your complete application package to with the subject line- "SFCI Project 2023-24" on or before August 31, 2023, by 11:00 pm (MST).

Application Form: Form

Need Assessment Form: Form 

Report Form: Form 


For any clarification/information/queries, please email:

Mahmuda Aldeen
Program and Member Relations Officer