Shastri Short-term Virtual Course 2022-23

Programme is now closed for the year 2022-23

SICI is working on short-term certificate courses in collaboration with its member institutions and non-member institutions in Canada / India. These online courses could range from 15 to 30 lectures spaced out over 15 days to 90 days, depending on the course type and the number of sessions per week.

Necessary communication is underway with member institutions in India/or Canada to devise the modalities of the course based on niche areas. SICI does not have the academic expertise to prepare for such online courses, however, it is inviting faculty members from its member institutions to devise content curriculum and delivery.

SICI would be responsible for the communication, promotion and administration (video conferencing, recording, etc.) of the online course to convene online sessions. Furthermore, as subject specialists, faculty members from member institutions will develop the course curriculum for virtual courses and deliver the lectures.

For the purpose mentioned above, senior administrators/subject experts from member institutions in India / Canada will be contacted to understand the basics of the online courses and will float virtual courses on a theme which is most relevant in the present era and can help the students in upscaling skills in their domain.


The short-term course can be based on relevance, which plays a significant role in scaling up a career to the next level. A few best courses such as retail management, inventory control, the infrastructure of logistics, health and safety, labour relations, recruitment, Interview psychology, strategy analysis, Cyber Security, Smart Green Technologies and Small-Scale Nuclear Reactor Generators, digital humanities, communicative French etc. are quite popular among students, researchers and young faculty.

Eligibility:  Subject experts and faculty from members and non-member Institutions

Duration:  Between 12- 16 weeks (depending on the nature of the programme)


  • The courses will help students in honing their skill set
  • These will be evaluation-based courses with certificate


SICI is proposing two revenue models, one by offering a sum as a one-time fee/honorarium/ award to an identified faculty member to devise the course. The second model will have a mechanism by which the revenue generated by the registration fee will be shared between SICI and the course director in a ratio of 60:40. A 40% of the total revenue will be given to the course director/resource person

How to Submit:

Interested faculty members can submit the Expression of Interest form along with their latest CV by December 31, 2022, at

Click here to download Proforma for Expression of Interest


Contact details

Ms. Reshma Rana Verma
Programme Officer

Ms. Meenakshi Malhotra
Assistant Programme Officer-Administration