Shastri Faculty Training in Applied Education (SFTAE) 2022-23

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Brief Description

Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) is pleased to announce a Call for Applications for SHASTRI FACULTY TRAINING IN APPLIED EDUCATION (SFTAE) Project. The SFTAE Project is part of SICI Canada's Short-term Outbound Mobility Program, Canadian Scholars to India (CSI). The CSI Program is supported by Global Affairs Canada, the Government of Canada. The target of the CSI Program is to improve and diversify Canadian scholars (student and faculty) academic mobility to India.

SFTAE Project is a pilot intervention of the CSI Program. SFTAE grant opportunity is open to faculty members and instructors from the member institutes of Polytechnics Canada only. The participating Canadian faculty/instructors will get a chance to visit and work with their counterparts in India for two weeks. This work opportunity will enrich their international teaching-learning pedagogy and expertise by providing professional development support to interested Indian post-secondary institutions in creating, enhancing, and strengthening quality vocational education. Thus, the SFTAE grants will open a gateway for the Canadian faculty to leverage Canada's leadership in technical education in India.

On the other hand, the SFTAE project benefits will support India's National Education Policy 2020, which seeks to bring qualitative change to Indian higher education institutions (HEIs) by integrating vocational education into mainstream undergraduate programs.

Faculty members from SICI's Indian Members Council interested in understanding/developing/ improving the curriculums, courses, programs, teaching manuals, etc., with hands-on guidance of faculty/instructors of the Canadian technical education system, will immensely benefit from the SFTAE project intervention. The SFTAE will allow Indian and Canadian faculty members to work closely in the identified technical education areas. Hence, we anticipate that our  Indian Members Council (IMC) institutions will seize this unique advancement opportunity and be pioneers in integrating vocational disciplines into their conventional undergraduate (UG) programs.  

Making Space for Canada's Indigenous Scholars

SICI is keen to increase Canadian Scholars of Indigenous Communities' international mobility and teaching-learning opportunities. In that effort, up to two SFTAE project grants are reserved for faculty/instructors with Indigenous backgrounds. 


The SFTAE project will establish and reinforce esteemed Canadian Polytechnic Institutions' partnership with SICI's Indian Member Council (IMC) Institutions. The project interventions will assist in building long-term solid teaching collaborations with Indian post-secondary institutions in technical disciplines, thus increasing Canadian scholars' mobility to India. 


  • The Applicant should be a full-time faculty/instructor from the member institutes of Polytechnics Canada. A list of Polytechnics Canada's member institutions is available at this link: (
  • SICI reserved two (2) SFTAE project grants for faculty members/instructors with Canadian Indigenous backgrounds 
  • The Applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • The SFTAE projects will allow Canadian faculty to visit SICI's Indian Member Institutions to teach or create courses or align contents, curriculums, or other scholarly activities relating to vocational integration into mainstream education, as per the requirement of the Indian host institutions. A list of SICI's Indian Member Institutions is available at this link: ( However, the receipt of the award is subject to the IMC Institution being a SICI member in good standing with fully paid-up membership for the current year (2022-23)

Code of Ethics

Value:  CAD$ 5,000/project

Number of Grants:   6 (six)                                   

Duration of Visit:  2 (two) weeks.

  • The SFTAE project grants and activities must be utilized from February 15 to April 30, 2023.                                                                                                                              

SFTAE Project Activities

The SFTAE grant recipients (Canadian faculty) will be affiliated as visiting faculty members in the host institutions in India and will engage in one or more of the following activities.

  1. Develop new programs-courses, curriculums, teaching modules, etc. or review such materials for potential integration or upgradation of vocational education into mainstream undergraduate programs of the host institutions
  2. Teach courses individually or jointly with Indian counterpart/s
  3. Offer a series of lectures, workshops, training sessions, creative shows, cultural festivals, exhibits, and seminars as part of a course being offered at the host institutions 
  4. Lay groundwork for the development of long-term teaching partnerships/MoUs, preferably involving future faculty and student exchange programs between the partnering institutions

Entitled Disciplines

The competition is open to scholars from the following broader disciplines.

  1. Agriculture (Horticulture, Plant and Crop Sciences, Food Processing, Farm Machinery & Power, Soil and Water Conservation, Green House Technology, Renewable Energy, etc.)
  2. Creative Arts and Design (Fashion and Textile Design, Jewellery Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Art Administration, Dance, Theatre and Drama Studios, Music, literary arts, creative writing, etc.) 
  3. Applied and Pure Sciences (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Geography, Food Science and Technology, etc.)
  4. Architecture and Construction (Construction, Planning, Maintenance Services, Architecture, etc.)
  5. Automobiles (Auto Electricals and Electronics, Engine Testing, Vehicle Testing, Vehicle Quality, Farm Equipment & Machinery, etc.)
  6. Business and Management (Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Transportation and Logistics, Quality Management, etc.)
  7. Communications (Social Media, Mobile Communication)
  8. Computer Science and IT (AI, ML, IoT, Blockchain, Data Science and Analytics, etc.)
  9. Education and Training (Career Advice, Education Management, Specialized Teaching, Adult Education, Open Education, Pedagogical Innovation, etc.)
  10. Engineering (Biomedical engineering, Structural engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Mining and Oil and Gas exploration, General engineering and Technology, Industrial Production Engineering, Environmental Engineering, etc.)
  11. Health and Medicine (Physiotherapy, Counselling, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Public Health, Nutrition, Fitness, etc.)
  12. Personal Care and Fitness (Therapeutic, Health and Fitness, Beauty Therapy, and other courses on Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing, Facial treatments, etc.)
  13. Printing and Publishing
  14. Para Medical
  15. Media and Cinema (Filming, Film Critique and Analysis, Photography, Content Management, Media Management, Language, Digital Media, Animation, Advertising, etc.)
  16. Travel and Hospitality (Catering, Aviation, Leisure Management, Travel Management, Food and Drink Production, Hospitality, etc.

Application Requirements:

  1. A completed SFTAE Application form. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  2. Need Assessment Form (filled in by the Host Institution)
  3. Letter of invitation from the Host Institution/Counterpart
  4. Recommendation Letters
  5. Résumé of the Applicant and the Counterpart (not more than five pages). All additional pages after the 5th page will be removed and ignored during evaluation.
  6. List of Publications of the lead applicant (optional)
  7. Copy of Passport or PR Card
  8. Certificate of Ethical Approval (if applicable)
  • For email submission, please make a single PDF file containing the above required documents (word, jpeg/jpg etc., are not allowed).

Evaluation Criteria

  • Research and Scholarship of the SFTAE faculty members/instructors – 20 points
  • Faculty member/instructor's experience in teaching at the undergraduate level in an international context (for example, teaching international students) – 20 points
  • Knowledge transfer to faculty members and students of host institutions – 10 points
  • Potential to contribute to SFTAE/SICI goal of establishing long-term collaborations in 'Entitled Disciplines' listed above and promoting future faculty mobility to India– 20 points
  • Awareness of and training in cultural sensitivity and equity, diversity, and inclusion, will be considered an asset.

Acceptable Expenses

  • International airfare (economy class, round-trip, direct route), ground transportation, visa, health insurance, vaccination, accommodation, communication and stipend.

Disbursement of Funds

  • SICI will release 75% of the grant to the Applicant's Institution upon signing the agreement between SICI and Recipients.
  • The remaining 25% will be released upon receipt and approval of the final SFTAE Project report by SICI.

Application Deadline: February 5, 2023(11:00 pm MST)

Guidelines and Important Notes

  • Late and Incomplete applications will be disqualified and not be considered.
  • All SFTAE Project grants will be subject to receipt of funds from GAC, Govt. of Canada. 
  • SICI reserves the right to change the SFTAE amount and number of awards.
  • Plagiarism will lead to disqualification. 
  • Canvassing in any form will result in disqualification.
  • The decision of Adjudicators concerning awards will be considered the final decision.
  • Names of the successful applicants will be uploaded on the SICI website homepage around third week of February 2023 ( SICI Office will email the successful candidates with the results and onward steps.

How to apply: 

  • Email your complete electronic application form to with the subject line- "SFTAE Project 2022-23" on or before February 5, 2023, by 11:00 pm (MST). 

Application Form - Form 

Need Assessment Form - Form 

Final Report FormForm 


For any clarification/information/queries, please email:
Mahmuda Aldeen
Program and Member Relations Officer
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute
# 1418 Education Tower
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Calgary AB T2N 1N4
Phone: (403) 220-3220
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