Mitacs-SICI Partnership: Globalink Research Award Programme

Programme is currently closed for this year.

The Mitacs-SICI Globalink Research Awards can provide funding for research collaborations between Canadian and SICI member institutions. This program can be used to support large scale research collaborations between SICI’s Indian and Canadian member institutions, as well as individual research projects. Eligible participants (Master’s, PhD, Postdocs) from India and Canada (each way) apply to conduct joint research projects with academic collaborators/supervisors at SICI’s Indian / Canadian member universities for a period of 12-24 weeks (25% of the time can be spent at the home institution). Master’s or Ph.D Students and Post-doctoral fellows from SICI member Institutions in India and Canada will travel to the other country to work on research projects at SICI Member Institutions for 12-24 weeks

This is a competitive opportunity and a limited number of awards are available.


The Applicant must:

  • Be registered as full-time Master’s, Ph.D. student, or postdoctoral fellow at an eligible Indian/ Canadian university or institution and remain as such throughout their Globalink Research Award. Postdoctoral fellows may apply if their date of graduation from a PhD program is no more than 5 years prior to the proposed start date of the research project.
  • Be from SICI member institutions.
  • Not undertake a research project at an institution where they have previously completed a degree and/or been employed.
  • Be the legal age of majority in India /Canada (18 years of age or older)
  •  Meet travel requirements for their intended destination, including visa and/or immigration requirements and associated documentation
  •  Not be previously awarded a Globalink Research Award 

Host Supervising Professors

  •  Must hold a faculty position at a Canadian/ Indian university
  •  Must be eligible to supervise graduate students and hold funding from Tri-Council / any other Government body/ agency in India / Canada

Home Supervising Professors

  •  Must be recognized faculty members at their Indian / Canadian institutions
  •  Must be eligible to supervise graduate students in India / Canada

Application Requirements

Email your complete application form along with all required documents at All application documents must be submitted in English or French . Please number the file names accordingly.

 1. Globalink Research Award application form (you may require the latest version of Adobe Reader) 

  • The application form should not be scanned and must be submitted in its original, fillable


  • Sections 6 & 7 may be submitted as a separate scanned PDF, if digital signatures cannot be


2. Research proposal

3. Intern CV (on Mitacs template)

4-5. Letters of support from both participating professors. Both letters must:

o Be written on university letterhead and be signed by the professor

o Provide the supervisor’s title and department

o Outline supervisory and/or financial support for the intern and project

o Describe the intern’s academic and research qualities, outstanding achievements, and ability to complete the project

6. Host supervisor’s CV in English or French, including funding history, publications, and graduate

     interns supervised

7.Intern Code of Conduct and Ethics of Mitacs * and  Policy on Academic Integrity and Code of Ethics (PAICE) governing the programmes administered by Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute.

8. International Pre-Departure Form*

*These forms can be submitted after the submission of the application; however, funds will not be released until Mitacs receives these forms.

Value of Award: 6000 CAD

This includes student airfare, visa, medical insurance, living stipend, research related costs, student stipend, accommodation costs, programming, evaluation, professional development, administration, and research costs.

Deadline: The Programme is open to receive applications throughout the year. However, once the numbers of designated awards are made, programme will close. Applicants are advised to apply at their earliest to secure an award.  

Duration: 12 to 24 weeks 

Contact Address:

Ms.Anju Taneja

Senior Programme Officer- Finance
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI)
5 Bhai Vir Singh Marg
New Delhi 110001 INDIA
Call us at: 011 – 2374 6417; 2374 3114; & 2374 2677

Contact for more information.