Call for Expression of Interest by SICI for IDRC’s programme ‘Climate Adaptation and Resilience' (CLARE)

SICI is calling upon researchers and academicians from its member councils in India and Canada to explore potential partnerships to collaborate with Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute to submit the joint proposal/s to IDRC under the ‘Climate Adaptation and Resilience’ (CLARE) programme.

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Three key research areas (based on call) to develop the proposals are: 

  • Understand climate risk: Research to improve our understanding of the risks associated with climate and natural hazards, by addressing gaps in the underpinning science. 
  • Risk-informed early action: Research to improve risk-informed anticipatory action to reduce humanitarian impacts of weather, climate variability, and related natural hazards. 
  • Developing in a changing climate: Research to inform development in a changing climate; action that builds resilience in the present climate and adapts to future climate. 

Interested researchers/leads may like to form a team of scientists based on their expertise in the key research areas mentioned above from SICI’s member institutions from India and Canada, and submit the Expression of Interest to SICI at 

Click the here to download Proforma for Expression of Interest

DEADLINE: May 6, 2022

Please note that to formulate a potential application for such a competitive grant, we will be required to meet up a few times till a worthy proposal is ready to be submitted. A meeting will be scheduled after we have known about the participation of the researcher/academician in the project.

Important note:

As you are aware, SICI brings together a network of 170 highly-reputed Canadian and Indian universities and research institutions to offer opportunities for collaboration. These include academic fellowships, collaborative research, scholarly and cultural exchanges, and institutional partnerships among universities, research organizations, business, governments and Indo-Canadian communities of the two countries. Access to the Canadian and Indian knowledge hubs, research institutions, civil societies, not-for-profit sector, governments and the respective high commissions in Canada and India gives it an unmatched networking advantage. SICI range extends throughout the spectrum of Arts and Social Science disciplines, to Business, Management, Law, and the Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (STEM) subjects. Sustainable Development has also become an important focus of SICI in recent years. In all of these areas, SICI offers invaluable assistance to its member institutions in their efforts to leverage trade, economic and other collaborative opportunities and interests in India. SICI proposes to develop a proposal with a transdisciplinary design that includes opportunities for research, collaboration, and learning, enables capacity development, and supports research uptake. Proposals may cover single, multiple, or linkages between themes. Developed proposals will aim to enhance resilience to climate change and natural hazards in an inclusive and sustainable manner.