Showcasing and Disseminating Knowledge and Research (SDKR) 2022-23

For over 50 years, Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute (SICI) has been promoting academic research, through various programmes and grants to young and established researchers, faculty members, and students at all levels in the India-Canada bilateral corridor.  With a legacy of over 53 years now, Shastri alumni are dispersed all over India and Canada. Each year, hundreds of awardees get associated with the Institute and become an integral part of the large it’s family. SICI takes pride in respective and unique contribution of each of its scholar, facilitate their work and assist in expanding their horizons as much as possible. Numerous researchers, in addition to Shastri alumni, are contributing to tremendous knowledge on binational corridors. SICI will play an important role in highlighting the efforts of these scientists/researchers/students/faculty members between the two countries. 

In continuation with its mission towards building and strengthening intellectual and cultural linkages through research, dialogue and exchange, SICI is introducing an opportunity to help its awardees and those who have worked on bilateral issues pertaining to India and Canada, to share their research and outcomes. It will not only help in reaching out to peers but also prove beneficial in building connections.  For young researchers, such an opportunity will boost the confidence as interaction with numerous individuals/researchers will expand their horizon of knowledge and experience, build diversified perspectives and help in realising their career aspirations via learning and knowledge sharing.

Shastri alumni and other persons collaborating bilaterally are potential channels to create linkages between India and Canada with their first-hand experience and, thus, are a source of inspiration for others. SICI welcomes its awardees and all those engaged in Indo-Canadian research to share their research, journeys, and outcomes. Every month two persons will be invited to share their research findings.  The mode of interaction will be virtual, through an online platform such as Zoom or Google Meet. 


  • SDKR is open to past and current fellows of SICI
  • Bilaterally-collaborating researchers, faculty members, and students
  • Persons of prominence from all walks of life

Click here to download Proforma for Expression of Interest

If you would like to be a part of this initiative, please contact Ms. Reshma Rana, Programme Officer at  by January 15, 2023.