Ministry of Human Resource Development


(This document has been prepared from the source and information as collected from the official website of the Ministry of Human Resource Development).

The Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India stands on the edifice of the conviction that human capital is the most valuable resource and the growth process of the country depends upon the all round and integrated development of its citizens through education. The Ministry fervently believes and successfully accomplishes in bringing all the pertinent institutions and organisations on a common platform to work together for the intellectual and integrated development of its young generation. With pursuance of this basic idea, a new Ministry was created under the name, Ministry of Human Resource Development, on 26 September, 1985, through 174th Amendment to the Government of India (Allocation of Business) Rules 1961. The Ministry’s main objective, apart from several others is:

  • To construct a National Policy on Education, and overseeing its implementation;
  • Planned development (including expansion of access and qualitative improvement) of School, University & Higher Education, and Technical Education with special attention to disadvantaged groups, e.g. Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Girls, Minorities and Disabled;
  • Development of Indian Languages;
  • Scholarships to deserving students;
  • Promotion of Books and administration of Copyrights Act;
  • Promoting International Cooperation in the field of Education, including with UNESCO.


The Ministry has two departments:

  1. Department of School Education and Literacy, and
  2. Department of Higher Education.

The Union Minister of Human Resource Development is responsible for the overall charge of the Ministry. And the Union Minister is assisted by two Ministers of State, one each for the two Departments. Each Department is headed by a Secretary to the Government of India. The Secretary, Department of Higher Education is assisted by an Additional Secretary, four (4) Joint Secretaries, one (1) Economic Advisor and (1) Deputy Director General (Statistics). In addition, there is one Additional Secretary and Financial Adviser, common to both of the Departments. The Departments are organised into Bureaux, Divisions, Branches, Desks, Sections and Units. Each Bureau is under the charge of a Joint Secretary assisted by Divisional Heads at the level of Director/Deputy Secretary/Deputy Education Advisors.

The Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute is the foremost organisation under the Department of ‘International Co-operation in the field of Higher Education’ of MHRD. We feel honoured for the unflinching support, encouragement and co-operation extended to us by the Ministry. The Institute started in 1968 as an autonomous body incorporated in Canada, with the approval of the Government of India, with a Government of India Grant of Rs. 3,000,000 (Rupees three million) for a period of three years.

In the year 2005 the Institute became fully bi-national. The Institute is being governed by a bi-national Executive Council headed by the President who alternates between India and Canada. Thereafter by the mutual understanding of two governments and its funding and support the Institute continued for over thirty years. The Institute operates with its Memorandum of Understanding (which gets renewed in every five years). Apart from its many collaborative programmes, which are funded by the grants from the Ministry, the operating expenditure of the Institute’s India Office is maintained by this grant. The salary of the employees of the Institute’s India Office is also paid by the Ministry. The Institute operates with guidance of Indian Advisory Council and the Finance and Audit Committee as per the Government norms in India. The Indian Advisory Council is chaired by the Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development and the Finance and audit committee is chaired by the President or the Vice-President from SICI, India. However, senior academics are nominated for the Indian Advisory Council by the MHRD, GOI.