Alumni Details

S_No Program Name Year Canadian Scholar Canadian Institution Indian Scholar Indian Institution Project Title
7 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2007-08 VariousHEC Montreal / University of Western Ontario / Trinity Western College Universit Ms. Anjali Gera Roy IIT Kharagpur 1) Presented a paper at the Diversity Conference at HEC Montreal 2) Conducted a workshop on ?Imaging India: Bollywood Cinema? at the University of Western Ontario 3) Met with faculty, creative and media persons at Trinity College University 4) Met with researchers regarding the South Asian (Sikh and Anglo-Indian) Diaspora project
6 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2007-08 Mr. Ryan Kirkby University of Lethbridge World Congress of Psychology and Spirituality Attended the World Congress on Psychology and Spirituality to gain understanding of certain aspects of Indian Knowledge and philosophy
5 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2007-08 Concordia University Dr. M. Khan North-Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology 1)Lectured on ?genetic diversity in harvested and protected populations of Rhododendron arboreum in Indian eastern Himalayas at Arunachal Pradesh? 2) Lectured on ?assessment of phylogenetic relationships among Rhododendron species of eastern Himalayas using chloroplast DNA markers?
4 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2007-08 Ms. Tanmeet Jagdev Wilfrid Laurier University D.A.V College for Girls Presented a paper on ?Music, Mind and Music Therapy? at an International Music Therapy Research Conference
3 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2007-08 Prof. Gillian Calder University of Victoria Jana Sanskrit 1) Participated in a Theatre workshop facilitated by Sanjoy ganguly of Jana Sanskrit 2) Explored relationship between music therapy and music education at the 2nd International Music Therapy Conference
2 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2007-08 Dr. Brian Given Carleton University Vidyasagar University Attended a symposium on Marginalized groups: problems and prospects in Contemporary India and presented a paper on ?Thick description, Transpersonal Symbols and the Marginalization of Tibetan Cultural Experience?.
1 Scholar Travel Subsidy Grant (STSG) 2007-08 Dr. Enakshi Dua Queen's University Jadavpur University Invited as a visiting scholar at Jadavpur. Presented a paper at school of Women Studies at Jadavpur University on? The Hindu Woman?s Question: Canadian Nation Building and The Social construction?